The Credibility Scales and Intervention (CSI) Checklist gives an overview of existing levels of credibility that can be linked to possible policies, ranging from intervention to non-intervention. The CSI checklist can thus assist policymakers in becoming aware of, and better reviewing, their opportunities and constraints. These measures vary from:
(1) Ordaining, or commanding what must be done;
(2) Prohibiting, or dictating what cannot be done;
(3) Facilitating, or supporting what needs to be done;
(4) Co-opting, or formalizing what is done;
(5) Condoning, or accepting daily praxis.

More info: “An Endogenous Theory of Property Rights: Opening the Black Box of Institutions”, Journal of Peasant Studies, 2016, 43/6: 1121-44. For applications: Fan et al., 2019; Sun and Ho, 2018; Arvanitidis and Papagianitsis, 2020.

Credibility scales and intervention (CSI) checklist

Credibility level/trend  


Institutional intervention Desired effect 


High Condoning Accepting praxis by non-intervention
Medium high Co-opting Formalizing what is done
Neutral Facilitating Supporting what needs to be done
Medium low Prohibiting Dictating what shall not be done
Low Ordaining Commanding what must be done